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Operation Amberjack: Cleaning up after Hurricane Michael with Team Rubicon.

Earlier this year I spent a week with Team Rubicon at Operation Amberjack as they continued to rebuild communities following Hurricane Michael. Their operations were based in Panama City; but they extended operations to other local communities such as Mexico Beach that sustained incredible amounts of damage. Team Rubicon consists of roughly 90,000 volunteers from around the world with a high-volume of veterans that specialize in disaster relief efforts globally. TR specializes in the cleaning of debris in and around homes and businesses following tragic events such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes

and other natural disasters. Their work costs home owners, business owners and the local communities nothing and saves the victims the great expense(s) of clean-up prior to rebuilding.

A banner sits attached to the porch of a home in Mexico Beach as a reminder of the resiliency of the local community.

A young girl leans against the root ball of a tree that fell on their trailer home during Hurricane Michael.

Team Rubicon volunteers repair flooring and remove debris from inside a home damaged during the hurricane.

A utility worker walks down 15th St. in Mexico Beach four months after Hurricane Michael destroyed the local community.

A Team Rubicon volunteer vacuums out the bedroom of a home in Panama City that was damaged during Hurricane Michael.

A Team Rubicon volunteer uses a chainsaw to remove fallen trees outside of Mexico Beach.

A Team Rubicon volunteer removes any remaining nails and screws from the ceiling joists of a flooded home in Mexico Beach so that the home owner can begin rebuilding.

An abandoned home just north of Mexico Beach.

Four months following Hurricane Michael: homes, boats and cars still sit untouched and abandoned in Mexico Beach.

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