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Blink Cincinnati 2019

Roughly 3,500 people participated in the parade that kicked-off Blink Cincinnati on Thursday night.

Participants of the parade on opening night brought plenty of light and color to the event.

The Roebling Suspension Bridge light up on opening night.

Spectators of Blink Cincinnati traveled the Roebling Suspension Bridge that connected Cincinnati to Newport.

A street performer uses neon-lit drumsticks as he entertains the crowd downtown.

A neon laser show fills an alley in downtown Cincinnati.

All cell phones and cameras were out capturing the sights and sounds of the event.

There were plenty of new murals in the city lit-up for display.

People view a work of art on a building near Music Hall.

Roughly 650 cyclists took part in a bike ride prior to the start of Blink Cincinnati on Wednesday night.

The Hunter's Moon sits nestled between the LGBTQ rainbow and the Roebling Suspension Bridge Sunday night.

The free Blink app proved invaluable to ensure you were able to take in all the sights of Blink.

With an estimated 1.5 million people taking in Blink, the trolley was packed shoulder-to-shoulder.

The Roebling Suspension Bridge at sunset on the final evening of Blink Cincinnati 2019.

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